Planning successful video content: A few essential steps

The most important part of your video content is what happens before the cameras start rolling. Pre-production, or the planning and logistics phase, can really make or break your video. Here are a few tips of things to think about when planning video content into your marketing campaigns.

Define your audience – this will help you to create much more targeted and effective video content. Who will be watching the videos is key to then crafting the appropriate message.

Define your message – What is it that you are wanting to explain in your videos? And why? A tailored video with a specific message for a specific purpose will be far more effective than a generic video. It may be therefore that you need not just one video, but different videos that serve different purposes.

Define your budget – Knowing your budget allows you to narrow down what you can and can’t do for your video content. There are often several ways to approach telling a story, and knowing what your budget is will help to define which approach will use that budget to the best advantage.

Find your company’s most passionate talent – In the majority of corporate videos, the staff will be telling the story on camera, rather than professional talent. Often this will be someone from the Exec team, but this might not always be the best choice. It’s important to find your company’s best on camera talent, regardless of which department they might come from- someone who will really shine on video and tell your company’s story authentically.

Choose a passionate production partner – choose a production partner that is willing to get to know your business and help you to achieve your goals. Taking the time to really understand what you’re trying to achieve with your videos is key for ensuring that your budget and time is invested to the best effect.

Once you’ve defined what you want to say in your videos, who to and how much you want to invest, your video partner will have the basic information to start looking at the best ways of approaching your message and audience in your video campaign.