Video Content: 7 Ideas That Viewers Love

The use of video in content marketing campaigns is on the increase. Marketers in New Zealand are seeing the value more and more in using video for their website marketing, email marketing and social media channels. However we’re still not using video to its full advantage. One reason is, understandably, a lack of ideas and creativity, and not knowing how to best diversify video content. So here are a few ideas on video that your audience will love.


Video Blogs are cheap to produce, personality driven and the best bang for your buck in terms of engagement value. Yet so few companies use them, saving video instead for website landing pages and instead reverting to the traditional written blog. Vlogs are a great way to project your company brand as containing real human beings, with personality and passion and are an engaging way to share ideas and up to date information.


The culture behind a brand is the secret to engaging both your employees and customers. Sharing your company culture with viewers makes your brand more human and alive. Ranging from employee interviews to team building days, sharing what its like to work at your company brings your products to life and the people behind your services to the fore. Showing how you value your staff through your video content can also be used to attract the best candidates where talent is in short supply.


Regular interviews with thought leaders within your organisation stamps your authority in the market and positions you as experts in your field. Used externally to engage with your customers and potential customers helps to build relationships with the market. Interviews can also be used internally to lift employee engagement, ingrain company values, share knowledge and company updates in a personal and uplifting way, especially in a large organisation where the exec team might not be regularly visible.


With such tools as Google hangouts, hosting webinars is a low cost option that boosts your company profile. Hosting live Q&A sessions with clients or partners, interviews with industry thought leaders or holding product demonstrations and tutorials are a great way to add value to your offerings to clients.


Covering the proceedings of an event in video is a sure fire way to extend it’s impact way beyond just the event day and are highly shareable. Event videos bring a new audience who couldn’t attend and offer additional content beyond that seen at the event itself. Videos of the day’s presentations extend their shelf life, and exclusive content can be created through backstage interviews with presenters and the attending community.


YouTube is full of tutorial videos, some attracting millions of views. Offering helpful product tutorials is a great way to add value to your customers. But it’s safe to say that some are produced better than others. There’s no space for even the softest of sell because it will just turn viewers off. Think of how you can add value for your customers by offering helpful hints and tips through video, product demonstrations and step by step how to’s.


What better way to tell potential customers how great you are, than getting your happy customers to do it for you! A genuine and authentic case study video on how you have added value to your client’s business is a powerful sales tool and offers so much more in-depth content than the one line quote you might include on your website.

Great video content engages by having an intrinsic value of its own and by being helpful to your customers and industry. And video really is a great way to set your company apart from the competition. Varying your marketing with an interesting mix of videos will keep your customers, and potential customers, coming back for more.