Video Marketing: The key to success

In 2016, using social media in your marketing strategy is a given in getting your name out there. It’s a cost effective way to market your services, products and help boost your brand, allowing you to connect with fans, customers and prospects on a personal level. With an ever-expanding range of social media sites your business can use, social media strategy is fast becoming a labyrinth to navigate.

Most businesses in New Zealand now are regularly using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to connect with their audiences. Let’s explore a few reasons why video marketing should, if it’s not already, become a key element in how you present your message on these channels.

YouTube: The world’s second largest search engine

YouTube has over a billion users who watch millions of hours of video every week. Second of course to Google, YouTube has long been a vehicle for hosting and sharing marketing video content. YouTube has become a hub for “how-to content” and is a perfect vehicle for online marketing tutorials. Creating video that your audience can discover in YouTube searches or in general Google search results will help to widen your audience numbers and create awareness of your brand or products.

Also, the options to promote your company through video commercials before and during other relevant video content and sponsored videos are a cost effective solution to spread the word about your brand and products.

Facebook: Eight billion daily video views

There is now study upon study on how video has been shown to get more organic reach than other types of posts on your social media channels. Facebook is starting to rival YouTube in video views, claiming to have hit an average of eight billion daily video views.

Using video posts to regularly update your audience will boost your reach out to customers and prospects, and placing a featured video in the “About” section of your page will act as an introduction or commercial for new visitors to your Facebook page.

Twitter: Changes to boost video sharing

Twitter has recently announced plans to allow the addition of media to tweets without counting it towards the 140 characters. This means you can link to a video and still have 140 characters to describe it to your followers and add hashtags.

This will mean video will stand out in the news feed and your videos will be added to your media library on your Twitter profile. Visitors to your profile will see your latest six media shares and video won’t get lost in your profile’s timeline.

Incorporating video marketing in to your social media strategy is fast becoming an expected way for consumers to find out your news and views, find information and tutorials on your products and services, and to hear your brand story. Please contact us at Perpetua for how we can create video marketing content that fits with your goals and messaging.